For a $550 bike rack, I honestly expected higher quality construction and a longer life. The easiest to install bike rack for towbars that you'll find! Which any nice bike will have a quick disconnect front tire so it seams pointless. When I got home I disassembled the rack to see what actually happened to it, and I found some frustrating oversights in the design of the rack. This affordable rack features 4-bike capacity, arms that fold down and a mast that tilts away for rear of vehicle access. The rack tilts up and down by pulling a spring-loaded pin located back near the hinge of the rack, putting the user in a position of poor leverage to resist the load when lowering the rack when loaded wit… Towbar Hitch Mounted. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. I’m very disappointed that the engineers didn’t try it on pretty standard 29” mtb’s. The receiver lock is awesome and makes it solid when in place. Truck cap? $15.99 - $39.99. It takes very little time to attach it and have my bike/s mounted. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for YAKIMA - HoldUp EVO 2" Hitch Mounted Tray Bike Rack, 2 Bike Capacity at The HoldUp EVO Premium Tray Hitch Bike Rack fits into any 2" receiver hitch on your Jeep giving you a great and easy way to carry up to two bikes for when you hit the trails. I have taken it from Northern California to Southern California without even a wiggle, I would suggest to tighten the SpeedKnob with a slip wrench and never think twice about it getting loose. When the plastic through axle broke, part of these plastic pieces also sheared (see red circle in picture), which illustrates another poor material choice for more important moving pieces on the rack. I work in the bike industry and have tried similar racks from other companies such as the Kuat NV 2.0 and the Thule EasyFold XT and this rack is the best by far. The plastic spacers actually insert into hoops on the metal cradle arms (see photo). You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. They come with suitable water resistant and protective features that enable the durability of the bike rack. Unless otherwise specified, most of our products come with a limited lifetime warranty. Recommendations to Yakima for the Holdup EVO: -Increase the adjustment spacing to seat post if you carry two XC bikes similar size and saddle height to keep from rubbing. We have three Holdup EVOs all doing the same thing! The HoldUp is Yakima’s fastest, easiest way to load bikes. Yakima HoldUp EVO 2″ Bike Rack (8002479) RRP: $ 699.00. Well, these plastic spacers tend to bind to the metal hoops, meaning that when the cradle is rotated, the plastic spacers rotate with it. However, there are a few key components which Yakima opted to construct using plastic (also not clear what exact materials, but some hard plastic), and I am not sure why these parts were chosen to be plastic as opposed to metal. Shop ; Learn ; Inside Yakima ; Support ; Submit a Request; Yakima Racks; Hitch Mounted Bike Racks ; HoldUp Evo: 2" PN 8002479, 1 1/4 PN 8002480, +2 PN 8002482; Articles in this section. Additionally, there is a roughly 1/2" hole drilled directly through this plastic piece perpendicular to the direction of the axle, where a bolt slides through to hold the through axle in place. Express Shipping orders will be shipped same-day if received before 11:00 am PT Monday - Friday. I used it about 12 times in May with no issues, and then decided to take the rack on a road trip across the US for approximately 4 weeks. Disappointed to learn that I need to let some air out of the front tire for the hold-down to be able to swing over the tire. Its beefed-up arm pivot makes it stronger than ever and the side-to-side adjustability reduces the chance for bike-to-bike interference. Enfiler la base du Plus2 dans le tube du HoldUp, en alignant les trous. As mentioned, the front wheel basket and wheel holder rotate around this piece to fold up and store, and this piece also holds the wheel basket and wheel holder together with the main beam of the bike rack. Rack ’em up. With tilt down feature accessing the back of your car is a snap! I ended up using an 11mm and just being careful not to round off the edges. Yakima Holdup EVO +2-Bike Carrier, 2-in Product #140-0237-4. The StrongArm hook secures the bikes at their wheels, protecting carbon frames and painted surfaces. As I said, the exact same thing happens with my roommate's rack. Yakima Hold up and the Thule T2 are among the best hitch bike racks in the market today. The quality, reliability, and practicality that Yakima offers with their products far surpass what the competition offers. Whether you ride really fat tyres or skinny, this is the perfect rack for the couple who loves to ride together. While the rack does hold them, the rear tires are about as far back on the plastic tire tray as I'd ever want them to be, and an adjustable option to move that tray more centered on my rear tires would be an excellent addition, give some peace of mind when driving. THULE T2 AND YAKIMA HOLDUP RACKS. Tilt the rack with bikes loaded for quick rear-of-vehicle access using the new easy to reach tilt lever and KickStart™ foot pedal. I’ve always gone with Yakima, however I’m now looking elsewhere. Yakima 8002479 - HoldUp EVO - 2 Bike Hitch Rack - For 2 Inch Hitch $549.00 Fast, secure, and easy to use, the HoldUp EVO is built to handle new bike standards, like fat tires and boost hubs, but it easily carries the classics too. It rotates around an axle. Yakima. -Use a standard size bolt/nuts on the carrier arms so standard tools can be used it wasn't an 10mm or 11mm it wasn't 9/16" or 5/8".

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