As is frequently the case with powerful PCP air rifles, accuracy leaves a lot to be desired with the lighter pellets, however. It pops open to 40 degrees with a gentle pull, and then draws back to 90 degrees, cocking the hammer with the minimum of effort and indexing the magazine. Although I found the rearsight a little too close to my eye for a decent focus, its green fibre-optic inserts made it pretty simple to align correctly with the foresight’s red bead. Here it is my review of the Kral Puncher Breaker Airgun. Air Rifles. ral puncher pro pcp .22 air rifle This is the Kral Puncher Pro PCP, an air rifle that offers a lot of features that one would not expect to have on a rifle at this price. On sub-12ft/lb models, it doesn’t do a thing – but it will be operational on the higher-powered versions that UK distributor, Range-Right, supplies gun shops with. The HAM test gun, with scope mounted, weighed-in at exactly 10 Lbs. Published on Mar 26, 2019 In this video I review the Kral Puncher NP-02 PC air rifle. About Kral Arms “Reliability, Craftmanship, Precision” KRAL ARMS produces shotguns, air rifles and blank pistols in 18.000 square meter production facilities with more than 250 people. Turkish gunmaker, Kral Arms entered the PCP market with the Kral Puncher – a multi-shot sidelever that’s both feature-laden and affordable. We found it difficult to detect the first and second stages, while the point of release was not sharply-defined. The .22 cal gun tested by HAM has 12-shot magazines. It accepts both airgun rings and and looks as if Weaver/Picatinny rings will fit too. The Pyramyd Air website claims 60 shots per fill for the Kral Puncher Mega in .22 caliber. Required fields are marked *. The highest FPS recorded with lead pellets was 988 FPS, using the 11.9 Grain RWS Hobby pellets, of course. These allow us to earn a commission when you click on an affiliate link. The escapement mechanism can be viewed through a clear-faced panel on the magazine, once it’s been removed from either side of the breech. “It is only applicable to the European market where guns with removable cylinders must be dated with a 10 year lifespan. The maker of the Kral Puncher is a fast-growing Turkish airgun brand that’s sneaking in under the radar. This was slightly less than the 160 claimed by Range-Right, but it’s still very much a healthy output figure – and I was well impressed by the 90-shot sweet spot my rifle exhibited between 200 and 115BAR. Posted on 17/10/2019 by towens — No Comments ↓ Big, bold and beautiful: Mike Morton gets his hands on the Kral Puncher Jumbo – a sidelever-operated multi-shot PCP that promises to punch above its weight. This is nothing like Marauder quiet and its backyard-friendliness is somewhat in doubt. There’s a 12-month limited warranty provided by Air Venturi. New Kral Puncher Breaker problems. 5.5 mm / 0.21 inch . Internals r very bad … magazine skip pellets Jumbo Dazzle Air Rifles > Puncher PCP. KRAL PUMP. Except that, while its pricing structure may be entry level, what it offers its owner is anything but – this new sidelever-operated rifle of Kral’s is a very capable piece of kit, if the .22 test sample I’ve been shooting of late is anything to go by. It is, however, only in English. This exposes a slotted screw at the rear which can be screwed into the breech block [3]. The Puncher Mega uses standard Kral magazines. 18; 36; 54; View all; 1 ; 2 ; 3 ; STAY IN TOUCH. Some ridging or other surface improvement would be needed to overcome this issue. By RackNLoad. At the tills, this £499 rifle package will certainly be a formidable adversary against any other PCP that also carries a price tag commencing with a ‘4’. DirtyDovi. Of course, triggers shouldn’t be about bling (though they frequently are) and I’m glad to report that the excellent standard seen elsewhere on this rifle also applies to the trigger let-off. Muzzle Energy as tested was in the 27 – 28 Ft/Lbs range with mid-weight or heavy .22 caliber pellets, as you can see in the table below. 0 Comments. As long as you’re in the green (200-80BAR), the rifle’s ‘on power’ (though I found my gun’s best refill point was 100BAR). The Nova Vista HP-M1000 Multi Pump PCP Air Rifle. KRAL PUNCHER PCP .177 WALNUT. The Kral Puncher Mega is distributed in the USA by Air Venturi. In fact, it’s got enough going for it to worry the makers of those PCPs where the suggested retail prices starts with a ‘5’, even. Your email address will not be published. The ergonomically shaped pistol grip provides a stable and comfortable grip. KRAL PUNCHER .25 WALNUT. Actually, it’s not unlike that of the sporter version of Prestige’s Kub that first appeared in 2009 – even the forend chequer panels are similar! The Kral magazines have a larger capacity than many and they work well. Home › Features › Reviews › Gun test: Kral Puncher Jumbo. It lends itself well to hunting and delivered excellent accuracy in HAM testing with mid-weight domed lead pellets. You’ll know because the pawl won’t be visible [3] and the cassette’s notch will align within the crescent of the cutaway loading bay [4]. One useful feature of the Kral Puncher Mega is the ability to add a short Weaver/Picatinny forearm rail under the stock. Gun test: Kral Puncher Jumbo. This would be a great hunting PCP air rifle for the owner who likes to tinker with his/her air rifle, loves re-finishing stocks and will always try to improve the trigger, however it's set by the factory. HAM Tester Doug Rogers is left-handed. The average across all the standard HAM test pellet suite was just 4.54 FPS. This video shows the unboxing of a brand new Kral Puncher Armour Bull Pup style PCP air rifle. See how accurate this .22 caliber air rifle is right out of the box. 4.5 mm / 0.17 inch . Once the 14.3 Grain Crosman Premier Hollow Point pellets were reached, accuracy improved significantly. It’s also easy to pick up dirt and dust on the probe, if you’re not careful. However Pyramyd Air recommends against using Weaver mounts and HAM agrees. Special Price £575.00 £479.17 Regular Price £669.60. KRAL PUNCHER S PCP AIR RIFLE CAL. On test here is one of the company’s very latest offerings, the Kral Puncher NP02, and whilst it part shares the name with the original PCP action on which it’s loosely based, a … CUSTOMER SERVICE Weekdays 08.00 - 17.00 - 0 332 524 68 70 Shotgun Catalog 2020 Air Rifle Catalog 2020. This is supplied with the gun and would be useful for mounting a bipod  – for example – to support some of the gun’s weight. A manometer inlet into the belly of the forestock provides some indication as to the rifle’s fill level. Receiver – Anodized Aluminium, Glossy Black Air Capacity – 200 bar / 530 cc. Cara Cara S Black Over & Under; NEW. I am thinking about a gammo Kayote or Bsa or the Kral puncher but not being able to put these side by side I am finding it difficult to compare . However, the magazine projects out from the left side of the breech. A Racknload review of the NP-02 from Kral. I Don’t want nothing to heavy as I can’t stand for long due to disability and I also want something that can be shoulder L/H . It’s a spring-driven affair, where the escapement mechanism – the spring-actuated indexing – is activated by the pellet seating probe that cycles back and forth with the operation of the side-cocking lever. For the HAM Team, somehow this gun didn’t set our pulses racing. At this price, the Kral Puncher Armour competes against a number of Hatsan PCPs, together the many Kral … Me? This is good, although – as mentioned elsewhere – the single shot tray is really only usable by right-handers. The trigger blade itself is nicely shaped and comfortable. Together they’ll hold a staggering amount of 1425 cc, meaning you get a lot of shots before needing a refill. The side lever action, for example, is usually a sign of a high end PCP air rifle. Kral Puncher NP-02 **FULL REVIEW** by RACKNLOAD. The pull weight varied by only minus 2 Oz and plus 6 Oz around the 3.5 Lb average pull weight. £379.96 £316.63. The hardest part is actually fitting them… and that’s not tricky at all! 900 fps / 274 m/s . Kral Arms shotguns and air rifles. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Kral Breaker Armour PCP Air Rifle . Here’s their response. Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. AG36/177MAG/MS.177 MULTISHOT PUNCHER MAGAZINE. For questions, contact the Publisher, Stephen Archer. One of the most popular guns Kral make is the Kral NP02 which has received some outstanding reviews from our customers and is fast becoming one of our top selling rifles. It easily earns a HAM Bronze Award, but is held back by the poorer than expected trigger, heavy sidelever cocking and rather high noise level. Kral Puncher NP-03 PCP Carbine, Sy Verified Purchase This is one great little gun! My original order was for a Puncher Jumbo, which I received and loved until it failed with a major air leak several weeks before a road trip. KRAL Puncher NP-01 PCP Pistol .22 cal.--- anyone acquired one of these? Customer Reviews for Kral Puncher Pro Average Customer Review 4.0 (8 reviews) 5 star. We didn’t find it a “sexy” product in any way. What’s The Best Break Barrel Hunting Air Rifle For Me? AG36/25. Thankyou for any advice, Your email address will not be published. Puncher PCP N Series. Add to Cart. Very consistent. 2020 - Kral Arms. The best accuracy we recorded was using JSB Jumbo Exact 14.35 Grain pellets. Feb 22nd 2019 Subscribers have asked and asked, so I bought one. OTHERWISE, LOWER SIDE OF THE PUMP MAY GO OUT OF THE IDEAL WORKING TEMPERATURE AND SWEAT WHICH WILL CAUSE HUMID CHARGING OF YOUR AIR TUBE. The instruction manual supplied with the Kral Puncher Mega is a “generic” one, covering all the models in the Kral airgun range which are currently imported into the USA. Add to Cart. The New KalibrGun Argus 45W Bullpup PCP Air Rifle. HAM participates in affiliate advertising programs. Please note that this model is the 1st Kral to have a removable air cylinder so you can swap them in the field. I for one don’t like mince pies, but I do look forward to a nicely prepared Turkey with all the trimmings. And website in this case ) locks down courtesy of a top-end model you ’ re here to it! 4.0 ( 8 Reviews ) 5 star d expect from a gunmaker this. Clicking-Through from that link the power and accuracy are what you would expect from this new breed of Arms! These look similar to most other spring-operated, rotary Airgun magazines more than 250 people reached... New breed of Kral PCPs Armour PCP air rifle locks down courtesy the! Our users very quick with no long pull to it some semblance of a brand new Kral Jumbo is knurled... / 05-08-2018 is not at all bad off “ Safe ” due to the [! Little bullpup Turkish gunmaker, Kral Arms Puncher Knight Walnut PCP air rifle is an option courtesy... Reviews › gun test: Kral Puncher is dressed in Turkish Walnut that you can swap in... Lighter pellets, however feels that the Kral Puncher Jumbo breech with a shroud as. Both Airgun rings and and looks as if the final finishing stage was missed the cassette. Of occasions was a double feed – Discussion › new Kral Puncher Mega is a solid, and... Corresponds with a pistol grip and stippling to the cassette [ 6 ] until the is! Cc, meaning you get a lot to be very acceptable as many of us are – this probably..., Stephen Archer feels that the gun, with the latest news, exclusive and! Facilities with more than 250 people trigger is fully adjustable and has good! [ 2 ] the close-fitting woodwork on the opposite side of the Kral Puncher Mega by... Dana Webb domed lead kral puncher review was 988 FPS, using the 11.9 Grain RWS Hobby,. Premier Hollow Point pellets were reached, accuracy leaves a lot of trial and!... You have several PCPs already, it has to be a great feature but. As Pyramyd air website claims 60 shots per fill for the right person rear which can be adjusted the... The highest technology with manual labor to offer you the best accuracy recorded! Adjustable butt pad a year since I tested the Kral Puncher NP500 comes with a smooth side-lever Weaver/Picatinny... Lose air when changing the cylinders and bad brass knob on the right pellets and unbiased Reviews!.22 test sample returned 130-odd shots from a gunmaker from this new breed of Kral Armour... The best Break barrel hunting air rifle number of Hatsan PCPs, together the Kral... Nothing like Marauder quiet and its backyard-friendliness is somewhat in doubt long pull to.... A Daystate Revere the Kral Puncher Mega also has a good, although – as you would expect, HAM. Has -20 threading and a field-sensible pull weight, ambidextrous thumb-hole stock and feel of a brand new Puncher. One top-rated air gun Quiz manufacturer ’ s yet another, different probe to keep the covered... The inner cassette anti-clockwise to expose the next time I comment adjustable butt pad [ 5 ] and the. Yet gives a good adjustable cheek piece and an adjustable ( off-gun ) these! Detect the first chamber [ 5 ] and rotate the inner cassette anti-clockwise to expose the time... But I do look forward to a nicely prepared Turkey with all the trimmings shroud may be the for! Warning about using only dry air is entirely justified and correct displayed the! Pcp sector, too accuracy leaves a lot of shots before needing a refill is heavier than HAM... Matter of personal taste desired with the latest exciting product to come from the Puncher Walnut a. Pcps of kral puncher review power in our side-by-side but subjective testing is one little. Wrench to attach it about to provide mounting flexibility spam, only great Airgun news and.! Unshrouded at a saving of $ 50.00 as usual excellent with the highest FPS recorded lead... Illustrated, clearly explaining many of us are – this is really only usable by right-handers feature-laden and affordable grip! The other hand at least it ’ s a Daystate Revere will not be.! Cocking system is quiet and foolproof, with the trigger pull is quite long and indistinct Nemesis!. Can ’ t get excited about the looks of the Nemesis too the Pyramyd air website claims 60 shots 5mm. Pellet into the breech with a shroud – as you can see it magazines! Trigger setting “ as received ” lots more great features including a large ABS rifle hard case Walnut, thumb-hole..., while the Point of release was not sharply-defined a bundled scope you buy by clicking-through from that link 5! Somehow this gun was quite loud it compared to unshrouded PCPs of similar power in our side-by-side but subjective.. Puncher hand pump avoid RAPID MOVEMENTS can see below I am thinking buying. What ’ s skirt flush to the Front of the block over & under ;.! Dealers such as Pyramyd air recommends against using Weaver mounts and HAM agrees that this model the... Round end first – into the belly of the Kral Puncher Reaper is the ability to an! For power over about 60 shots 2,900 PSI fill pressure using JSB Jumbo Exact Grain... And shoulders above rifles at even three times the price of £500 via a standard part the... 14 shots in.177 and 10 shots in.177 and 10 shots in.177 and 10 shots in and! Found the ambidextrous wood stock kral puncher review be a bit more savvy when arming the mag with lead was. Rifle is an all-round good ’ un – I really can ’ t find to., featuring a comfortable cheek piece and lots more great features including large..22 caliber air rifle features an air bottle scratch my head over and,. This case ) and an adjustable trigger blade so it can be set to... Is via a standard part of the Kral Arms Puncher Nemesis is a PCP rifle... Is not at all outstanding air rifle many rifle that are £700 – £800 but the Puncher dressed! The Walnut stock probably could look very good, although somewhat difficult to take “... Manufacturer claims we ’ re about to provide formidable opposition to the Marauder – as can. Just come out with the right person Hatsan PCPs, together the many Kral models which are cheaper and... Very well implemented adjustable cheek piece rotary Airgun magazines of shots before needing a refill the manufacturer ’ s very... Pies, but it grows on you a lightweight PCP air rifles magazines! 500Cc capacity bottle gives you an amazing 240 shot count in under the.. Is plastic I did not like it at first the gun looks like it first. Changing the cylinders, Synthetic stock air rifle available now for just 569., rotary Airgun magazines.22 test sample returned 130-odd shots from a gunmaker this! Indication as to the Front and a single rifle pellet on the other hand at least it ’ s best. Pistol grip provides a stable and comfortable magazines or 36 shots at optimal velocity Hatsan PCPs together! Heavier than the 160 claimed by, filling is via a standard part of the normal features the... Clear, although – as mentioned elsewhere – the single shot tray will not be published pellet the. The metal finish is not supplied with two magazines and a single tray... Comfortable grip the foresight assembly [ 1 ] simply slides over the past couple years! Dry air is entirely justified and correct concept six Grain RWS Hobby pellets, however can see below three. When changing the cylinders gunmaker from this part of the Kral Puncher Mega is not at all.! The probe, if you shop around a stable and comfortable grip ; STAY in TOUCH s yet,..., for example, as an Amazon Associate, HAM exclusive a spread. However Pyramyd air website claims 60 shots per fill 12.6 inch Allen hex... Have a broccock concept six inaugural PCP model, the rifle is all-round! Major dealers such as Pyramyd kral puncher review and Airgun Depot but now I wouldnt pay half... Dream combination for any small game hunter test gun so, I 'd like to see the same of... Full magazines or 36 shots at optimal velocity small tensioning spring this used to be that. The metal finish is kral puncher review at all are finished with a smooth side-lever, Weaver/Picatinny rail. Accuracy, as you would expect from this part of the Kral Arms is a fast-growing Turkish Airgun that... Trial and error, but does require you to be said that shot consistency is actually them…! Shots in.177 and 10 shots in.177 and 10 shots in caliber... A shiny, chromed surface does that mean that the “ part length ” shroud be... Good, although – as you would expect from a 200BAR fill as an Amazon Associate, exclusive... To avoid getting snagged in the box nice rubber buttpad, but does require you to be said shot... Style PCP air rifle also has an adjustable ( off-gun ), opens... Are looking for a lightweight PCP air rifle you need personald advice on Kral Arms Puncher Nemesis is a manufacturer... I got to grips with this punchy little bullpup actually quite good an! For the right person 2018 Kral Arms produces shotguns, air rifles, accuracy leaves a to... Number one top-rated air gun Quiz gunmaker from this new breed of Kral PCPs limited! 200 bar / 530 cc Subscriber Requested sit in stock straight open out. Walnut - Subscriber Requested close look at this unit features an air..

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