The native American name “Aweinon” refers to moving flowers. These flowers have the scientific name Alcea and bloom during the summer months. Seeds are filled with small spines, which easily stick to the body of animals with small hairs. Chrysanthemum flowers from the gardens of Kerala state of India. Pacha Thamara, Mutta Payal, Neerpola, Kuda Payal, Angilla Pongu etc are other local names given to this plant. Photos from the Sholayar Hydro Electric power project premises. Crimson Beebalm. On either ends of small bamboo sticks, kids fix the seeds of this plant. Ottalambal – It is a water plant seen in paddy fields, ponds, and small tributaries. 10. All Rights Reserved. 7. The channel has been on air since 12 April 2015. Not professionals, but amateurs in photography,mostly with cellphone cameras..A venture to keep and share the beautiful moments passing around me..Some snaps from the tourist destinations in, The photos here in pixelshots are Camera Fresh. Dissect and understand why their business name works for them and how you can use those techniques in your own business name. Endemic Species There are about 1272 species of endemic angiosperms out of 3800 species occurring in Kerala, which is 33.5% of its flora. I belong to one of the beautiful places of the world, Kerala, nicknamed as 'God's own country'. A list of state flowers of India is given below. It belongs to the family Tiliaceae and scientific name is Grewia Nervosa. Ayurveda Flowers! Monsoon Flowers of India It is often said that Indian monsoon tends to awaken the nature from a deep slumber for it turns the dry land into a green coloured picturesque landscape; most of the valleys become home to various species of wild flowers in unique designs and colours in this season; the rain forests get dense with different species of flora and fauna during rainy season. This time presenting you photos of a bunch of pure white flower bouquet of 'Chembakams' ... Fort Cochin.. the place in Kerala (the southern state of India)..The varieties of cultures and rulers that came to strive and takeover th... Kerala flowers, garden plants & herbs - Pixelshots flower photo index, red antoorium closeup, violet pink ground orchid, fresh flower under morning sun,aripoovu, kerala local flowers, tiny flower macro,garden shrubs,small violet flowers,garden ornamental plants, chembakom, flower with exotic fragrance, chembakom plant and flower facts, white plumeria flowers, flowering trees, white flower closeups, violet dahlia flowers,violet flower closeup, dahlia plant facts, gardening tips for graowing dahlias, Kerala garden plants, violet ground orchid flowers, orchids closeups, kerala orchids, tropical garden plants, group of violet flowers. Family name is Malvaceae and scientific name is Hibiscus Hispidissimus. Deliver your message to your loved ones with this gift of Special Dry Fruits Tray (gross wt. It belongs to the family Araceae and scientific name is Ariopsis Peltata. Plant in all sun types. Contact @ below email address. Mukkutti, a culturally important flower in Kerala, is also known for its medicinal properties, especially as an antidote against poison and pain. As it has structures similar to wick which resemble the stalk of pepper, its scientific name is Pepperomia Pellucida. Their petals own some distinct traits, with threads at their edges. Eri Pacha – Its flower is a quick remedy to tooth ache. With the arrival of monsoon season in the early June the plant blossoms and bears seeds in bunches. Create a lightbox Your Lightboxes will appear here when White Flowering Plants Temple Bells Plant Pictures Trees To Plant Kerala White Flowers Flower Power Planting Flowers Wedding Cake. Its stem is flesh and crystal like. It belongs to the family Asteraceae and scientific name is Spilanthes Ciliata. Flowers are yellow in colour. Mangaa Naari – Stems and leaves have strong odour of mango and hence this plant earned this name. Kerala’s Fauna is also rich and diverse with more than 100 species of mammals, 476 species of birds, 202 species of freshwater fishes, 169 species of reptiles and 89 species of amphibians. It belongs to the family Nenyanthaceae and scientific name is Nymphoides Indica. Rakta Nelli – It’s often falsely interpreted as Mani Thakkali (a type of tomato) and grown at home courtyards. 12. It’s a quick remedy for burns, head ache etc. Cherikotta is a shrub and nerves on leaves are clearly visible. It is an aquatic plant having bright coloured flowers. Introducing you to a few traditional dance forms of Kerala, The iconic ‘Mere Sapnon Ki Rani’ song of Aradhana was filmed on this Toy train of Darjeeling, Photon’s Double Slit Experiment & The beautiful concept of Shiv-Shakti – My Theories related to SSR’s Mystery Puzzle. Lotus – Nelumbo Nucifera (Thamara) – National Flower of India Thumba Poovu – Leucas Zeylanica – Onam Festival Flower of Kerala Hibiscus – Chembarathi Poovu West Indian Jasmine – Chethi Poovu Urena lobata – (ഊരം) Since its leaves resembles lotus, it gained the name Akasa Thamara in local Malayalam. It floats on water surface, without stem and has leaves and roots. The flower is known for its extraordinary fragrance. Pixelshots:Kerala Travel Tourism Photo Blog-Nature,Tour Spots,Festivals and Events. We can see different kinds of plants around us, with different characteristics, different colour flowers, different leaf size and types. Within this short span of time, we have grown and expanded to become one of the finest and most established tailors in the district of Kottayam, Kerala, India. In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page.

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