Tactical has never been so affordable. The semi-automatic T4 is manufactured in Turkey. The big problem with Italian made shotguns is this pesky little law known as 922R. even a 1.75 inch Aquilla mini shell. The ones I know (and have heard my take on the Turkey subject) get a sideways look when they bring these “discount Walthers” up to the firing line. You don’t want too light a trigger on a hard-recoiling firearm. Drive a Mitzubishi? The T4 features a generous loading port that allows rapid, positive loading into the gun’s five-round magazine. I just know that if I spent my money on a "real" M3, I'd have none left for any kind of upgrades. They also tend to be quite expensive. Thanks TTAG..now I have to go look at this one too…(Addiction..but I can stop anytime I want..lol), btw-Who thinks this is a good idea in 2020? Plus, this counts as a 922R part, so it was a simple decision. Some for hunting. Reliability: * * * * * The m4 uses a rotating bolt while the linberta…does not. I particularly am interesting in slug accuracy and it is an interesting subject. It’s bolt is a monolithic bloc of steel that cams over the operating rail similar in shape to a Remington. And ATI has a stock set for the M4 that gives the shotgun an even more aggressive look, while providing performance upgrades that make shooting the M4 much easier on the shooter. This way, I know the max range in which my buckshot will stay in that 32 MOA circle. It handles quickly and recoil is very controllable. Handling and ergonomics * * * * * We’ve built dozens of AR’s and we’ll cover all the best AR-15 upgrades such as handguards, triggers, BCGs, gas blocks, and more. A Browning Auto 5 -Mfg in 1964. And no, China and Turkey are not on that list. For $900 bucks, just save a bit more and wait for a sale on a Beretta 1301. While my friends and LEO veterans recommend #00 buck by far, there are well founded recommendations for #1, #4, and #000 buckshot. It’s held steady for nearly 300 rounds of assorted shotgun ammo without a problem. I know the longest shot I’m going to take is about 12 yards inside my home. The Benelli M4 muzzle brake compensator or “comp” is a muzzle device designed to counter the vertical movement of the barrel, forcing that muzzle back down on target. I drive a pick-up truck made in the US, a Toyoda, and proud of it. took out my Sulun Tac-12 (benelli m4 clone) with 14'' barrel to the paddock yesterday: damned thing cycled everything i fed it! The BFG Vickers padded sling is very well made and sports a quick pull tab that allows for instant adjustment of the sling to a tight hands-free design to a lose and mobile mode. The Holosun 507C is the optic of choice, and while it’s easy to say I chose it over the Trijicon RMR to save money, that’s simply not true! If you like the modern pistol grip semi-automatic shotgun, the T4’s handling and ergonomics are excellent and intuitive. OK, I'm in. Maybe take the packing off and show the actual handle? However, the Benelli tubes are near impossible to find and require a shipment from Italy. 95. Length of pull: 14 3/8 inch That is a huge chunk of lead hurtling through the air, though at the expense of some serious recoil. Continued from: Benelli M4 Shotgun Review. Hmmmm, that's almost the half the cost of a Stoeger m3000. Accuracy means quickly placing a load of buckshot into a target. The T4 excels at that. I have owned the M4 and found it to be a great shotgun without any faults. The Benelli M4 Muzzle brake breacher vents/ports are what prevent damage to the muzzle. I might upgrade later though. The M4 Tactical shotgun is light, durable, fast-handling, and an exact copy of the Benelli M4 with the famous Interia-driven action semi-auto action. I did not notice a difference in trigger pull or improvement, but the hammer is an American made part. ◀ Previous Post Well, the TLR RM 2 is a new light, but one I’ve grown to appreciate quite a bit in the last few months. Recoil is modest, though it weights about a pound and a half more than my Beretta 1201FP. Springfield was good when slides and frames produced in Brazil, now Springfield and Rock River evil. Can you show me any evidence Mossbergs are made in Turkey? But, to the best of my understanding, here are the American made parts I installed in my Benelli M4 to make it legal. Aimpoint Comp M5! It’s gas operated in contrast to earlier Benelli shotguns which used an inertia driven action. The big rounded thing shown in the pictures is not meant to stay on, it’s to keep your cooking handle from poking a hole in the box. So, I was "watching" all the used Nova/S.Nova on gunbroker. [Review]. An advantage of the Toros shotgun is the three choke tubes that are included with the smoothbore. As far as I’m concerned, if they say its good then thats all I need. There is plenty of debate on whether 922R is a real issue for gun owners. And everyone knows if you have to mount a long gun for defense it should be a rifle. 79. I have the steel model, but Freedom Fighter Tactical also produces an H20 NP3 magazine tube for those with the Benelli H20 model. I will gladly buy a gun from Italy, Germany, Argentina, the Czech Republic, or any number of other places that are not actively trying to undermine NATO and oppress folks. Benelli good even if we fought them some years ago in WWII, plus they were actually real Fascists. Gauge: 12-Gauge Chambered for: 2-3/4" and 3" The M4 Tactical … China has a virtual monopoly on a lot of things we depend on. Benelli M4 Tactical w/Standard Stock, Ghost Ring Sights. The user arrived at those beliefs long before he purchased the Mauser, and still, he has not supported the long dead third Reich. Known in the civilian world as the Benelli M4 Super 90, it quickly became a favorite of those who could afford it and has seen extensive use in the hands of our dear friends in the U.S. Marine Corps. There’s plenty of things that aren’t really optional for many that are difficult-to-impossible to find without Chinese parts. They provide a very tight grip for your shells and don’t let them lose with ease. The Toros Copolla T4 is a clone of the Benelli M4. I wanna pay high dollar for union made junk. It’s made from precision machined 7075 T6 billet aluminum, which is incredibly strong, and your optic mounts to it quite nicely. The sync mount has an innovative and fantastic system mounting system that uses a key slot design that goes under the mount to improve how stout the mount is. Its ramp style design makes it easy to use without a pressure switch, but you can use a pressure switch if desired. The cocking handle is nicely shaped for rapid manipulation. While the various manufacturers have designed original firearms, they have also manufactured a number of very good clones of proven firearms, primarily those originally manufactured by Beretta and Benelli. Then check out our hands-on review of the Best Home-Defense Tactical Shotguns! That’s good for used with a gloved hand. How much crap do you buy “made in China”? That is one thing that should be mentioned. The 7 round tube allows for perfect feeding and smooth loading. That shotgun is going to look odd in the bird field. Normally in these unprecedented times (lol..tired of that phrase) I would have waited until we were not (‘all in this together’, hate that one too). He is interested in helping folks protect themselves with firearms and shoot better at the range. A weapon is a weapon…. Either way, a Carlson’s stainless steel cylinder bore choke was a simple addition to clean up my buckshot patterns and improve consistency. Death ray on birds. I mean, I use these same slings for basically every gun build I do. Shotgun Accessories. This kit is made from aluminum and features that same darkish gray finish that the barrel and magazine tube have, which makes it quite aesthetically pleasing. Actually there’s a big difference. How much crap do you buy ‘made in China’, Ron the Christian? The M4/T4 package should be carefully examined before you make an investment. It has a slight bit of play, so installing a PEQ 15 and expecting a perfect zero is a fool’s errand. ©COPYRIGHT 2021, THETRUTHABOUTGUNS.COM ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. Federal Tactical LE with FliteControl Wad. It’s an unbeatable modern two-point sling. The Benelli M4 is not a cheap gun, and neither are most of the compatible upgrades. The Flitecontrol loads simply the best in class, and unless I need to dispatch targets beyond home defense range, I have no reason not to choose Federal FliteControl 8 Pellet buckshot. Panzer Arms M4: This phenomenal M4 semi-automatic shotgun is quickly becoming legendary for rugged reliability you can count on in the most adverse circumstances and conditions. When things come from a company as renowned as Geissele, I trust it to work as much as the stock Benelli M4 hammer. Copyright © 2021 Pew Pew Media, Inc. All rights reserved. I’ve used one for almost a decade now, and I mean the exact same one. Outside of the parts that allow you to rock and roll legally, we have numerous upgrades we’ve made to the M4 to make it a more competent blaster. lol. The included forend with the Benelli M4 is a simple two-part polymer handguard that is perfectly acceptable. This is the Colt M4 clone, ... Where to Buy a Benelli M4 Tactical Shotgun. Travis Pike is a Marine infantry veteran, firearms enthusiast, and NRA certified instructor. At the range I frequent, there’s a few members who shoot Canik handguns. It allows me to pull the gun into my shoulder a bit tighter and increases my ability to control the gun and its recoil. After that, the restock box ships regular-sized products at regular price. ‘Don’t buy it’ presumes that you don’t need it. He currently teaches concealed carry courses and enjoys spending time in Florida’s Nature Coast. His money went to a company that simply imports weapons. maybe the price will come down on these a little if nobody buys them, then I can pluck one up for cheap….. The Holosun 507C offered me a variety of features that made it a better optic for my purpose. While testing gear is important, an unknown quantity like the T4 demands even more examination. Benelli Tactical Shotguns are available in both semi-automatic and pump-action configurations and GG&G’s innovative team designs, tests and manufactures Benelli Tactical Shotgun Accessories for both configurations. I wear loose shorts so they don’t run up the crack of my ass over every nit-picking thing. However, like most things, it can be made better. I love the Beretta, but it kicks more. The Toros Copolla T4 isn’t a poor man’s Benelli, it’s a smart man’s Benelli. This includes some things like the sideloading battery, the easily accessible controls, and the more competent solar panel. I needed four total American made parts to ensure 922R compliance when using a collapsing stock and 7-round magazine tube, so the upgrading continued. Benelli semi-auto shotguns are some of the most trusted guns used by professionals who make their living with a shotgun whether it’s for tactical or hunting purposes. Besides the price cost like almost 4 times more Share. Two bolts go under the mount, and two go through it. Well, I wanted to use that 32 MOA circle to pattern my buckshot inside of. However, it’s far from modular, and I wanted to add lights, lasers, kitchen sinks, an espresso maker, and more. An enormous difference in fact, so big to make that comment you must be either: Allow me to explain how the world actually works: Let’s say you buy a full on swastika stamped k98 from WW2. I wanted the 32 MOA circle for a specific reason. Never heard that one. Pattern your gun and load — whatever shotgun you’re using — to make sure it’s doing what you need it to do. If you get the Caliphate(Sultanate? You have *not* supported any thing, not a single thing, the Nazis have done. How many Christians are persecuted there? It also weighs just a bit more than half of a standard magazine tube. Learn all the important stuff about handguns...with none of the attitude. These bright glowing sights are perfect for low light situations and as a backup just in case my optic dies. #rougeriverarms #revolutionarmory #benelli #m4 #benellim4 #shotgun #clone #firearms [email protected] 02/09/2020 . The Third Reich is long since gone. There are numerous handguards out there that add modularity to the Benelli M4; this includes a Surefire model, one from Strike Industries, and one from Mesa Tactical. $109.79 $ 109. Smaller sights allow you to reach over the top of the gun and port load without a big sight getting in the way. Does your purity apply there, or is this just standard virtue-signaling B.S.? Action: Gas operated Benelli’s M4 is a hard working shotgun that’s as at home on the three gun course as it is on the battlefield. I appreciate a nice shotgun. Shotguns have spread, right? [email protected] #rougeriverarms #triggerwholesale #bows #archery #handguns #firearms . I know I wanted a miniature red dot sight simply to reduce size and weight. Rev4, Benelli M4 clone!! Do you know what sucks about the Benelli M4? As for just one of your points… You already want a 7-round tube, and the follower is a cheap and easy upgrade that functions without issue. If it’s made in a location that you have reservations about and it’s not made anywhere else, don’t buy it. Thank God you’re so f’ing pure(ile). The Toros Copolla T4 shotgun has proven to be reliable beyond any doubt. It turned out to be a great choice. That’s not too important for home defense, but it is interesting in case Zombies come. the teeth … It also positions my hand to better use my chosen light. The design eliminates play and movement and keeps things tight forever. Absolutely one of the finest shotguns I have ever used. The AFG gen 2 is more compact and allows for increased control over the gun. The Benelli M4 came with an improved choke that was causing all sorts of chaos with a lot of my buckshot loads. MSRP: $895. Or at least point me in the direction of some? It threaded in without an issue and has remained tight over lots of shooting. With just over five hundred shells of all kinds through the shotgun, it’s been faultless. The value is attractive — less than half the price — and the shotgun is certainly worth the money. Turkey doesn’t have a monopoly on guns. The primary advantage of the sights and handling are apparent when the engagement stretches past 15 yards. The Guns of Tiger King’s Joe Exotic. Overall Length: 40 inches I saw the cheap turkish benelli m4 clone, they are quit cheap, I just wondering they use the same barrel material? There is also a titanium tube available. This install process is not complicated, but the instructions kind of suck, as do the pictures. While we have different preferences in shot size and brand loyalty, the shotgun should be reliable with all loads. Mil Dot. Beretta has been with us from the beginning. At 15 yards, my chosen buckshot load patterns entirely in the 32 MOA circle. Our favorite guns and gear that we've tested and fully recommend. (Stoeger and others.). The American auto industry is more dependent on Chinese parts than any other nation. Funny if you purchase one of the Turkish guns from Legacy or other importers it is a fair price. https://nypost.com/2018/07/30/scientists-just-brought-40000-year-old-worms-back-to-life/. 25 High Capacity Tactical Shotguns For Sale in 2020. Don’t take this as legal advice, and should you need legal advice, I recommend speaking with a lawyer. A Walther? I like the ability to tailor the shotgun and the choke. Same here. I may earn a small part of the sale from links to any products or services on this site. There is no installation guide online either, so you gotta use the crummy included photos. Required fields are marked *. The Holosun 507C is a durable shockproof optic that seems to have no issues with the gun’s recoil. Top Shooting Drills and Zeroing Targets worth $47 FREE - Limited Period Offer, Palmetto State Armory: PSA 10.5 Pistol Kit w/ SBA3 Brace, Magpul MBUS Sights, Romeo5 Red Dot, and 10 PMAGs - $800, DVOR: Sig Sauer Kilo 2200 BDX Laser Rangefinder - $370 (normally $650), Palmetto State Armory: Heritage Rough Rider 16" .22LR American Flag Revolver - $150 (normally $180), Palmetto State Armory: Savage Arms B22 FV-SR .22LR 16" 10rd Bolt Action Rifle - $270 + Free Shipping, Red Dot Round 2 Redemption? Your browser is outated! Shop Benellit shotguns now. Some for competition. STNGR makes some awesome handguards, and I’m running two of them of different AR builds. Without sounding cheap, if the shotgun is a projectile launcher, well, some pretty inexpensive platforms launch some very credible ordnance. The fit and finish seem at least comparable to that of the Benelli. Well, well, well,…..you’re all funding totalitarian murderers, aren’t you? Good luck on finding one with no Chinese electronics. Once installed and put together through the Truckee is quite lovely. The patterns differ, of course, as shotguns are individuals, but reliability is the baseline. This is a good price for the performance. The Turkish arms industry is vigorous and independent. Bonus! I couldn't afford an M3 (I always wanted a convertible shotgun) so I ended up with the Tristar Tec12, the good quality M3 clone and I need to bring it up to snuff but, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of aftermarket M3 parts and it will be an experiment to see what can fit. By far. The maintubes on this scope measures 30 mm, which enables maximum adjustment of windage and elevation. Freedom Fighter Tactical Steel Full-Length Magazine Tube for M4. Is there any difference with the real Italian version? It means I trust them. I trusted the company and picked up their M-LOK QD port. No way in Hell I’m sending money to Turkey. In 80 years, if the current Turkish regime has collapsed due to war or some other factor, and there’s tons of surplus Turkish weapons available, no one who buys them up will be contributing to the crimes occurring now. Your email address will not be published. The reticles include a simple red dot, a 32 MOA circle with a red dot, and a 32 MOA circle. 1 Leupold Mark 4 MR/T 2.5-8x36mm (30mm) M2 Illum. Anyways, today we will go over the parts that need to be added to un-neuter the Benelli and how to generally improve the performance of this powerful and capable shotgun. It lights a room up and cuts through darkness quite easily. Ever owned an AK? Is this a surprise? The follower is an American made part and available in a variety of colors. I’ve even found one advantage (besides price); an enlarged trigger guard, although only special circumstances would call that advantage into play. Doesn’t hurt to look…doesn’t cost anything either.. Ruger was bad..no RIP for you Bill..now good. The value is attractive — less than half the price — and the shotgun is certainly worth the money. And every president from Nixon to Obama is partly to blame, along with numerous Congress critters. Agreed. This counts as a 922R part, as does the precision machined follower FFT makes. Mauser good even if Nazi’s used them because they go bang really accurately. Let’s start with the sighting system I’ve put together. However, not knowing what 2020 still has in store for us I jumped. That sounds better.). Well, not much due to the gun itself, but quite a bit due to American gun laws for imported weapons. This is how it starts amiright? And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear. The extra part of padding increases the comfort of the sling, and the Benelli is not the lightest weapon out there. As far as hunting goes I’ve killed many deer, ducks and other critters with a Remington 870 I bought 30 years ago when they still were good quality for $225 as a combo set. The Geissele M4 Hammer was a limited production item, and the prices of the out of production hammers are insane. Fit your shotgun collection with the accessories that are compatible with the models and components you use. The Truckee 11-inch handguard offers not only a little M-LOK slots, but it pushes them further forward. Beretta good cause they own Benelli… and hung their WWII leader from a street sign so that’s cool. This follower is modeled after the stock Benelli follower to ensure reliable performance. This gives a good wide throw with lots of spill. I don’t say this lightly, but compared to the original Benelli, there seems to be no drawback or compromise in the Toros clone. A bit more experimentation would probably demonstrate greater accuracy, but then that’s getting into gun crank stuff, not practical matters. You ALWAYS have a choice, regardless of how unsavory or painful it may be. Federal FliteControl is one of the most effective shotgun loads on the market. “The Toros Copolla T4 isn’t a poor man’s Benelli, it’s a smart man’s Benelli. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. I think we may all agree that Benelli and Beretta may regret all of the work sent to Turkey for parts and even complete guns. China is an outright enemy of our country. I’be bought two shotguns in the last couple of months. Gorgeous gun except for the ugly Poly Choke my grandfather added. Through hundreds of rounds of all kinds of shotgun ammo, the T4 certainly seems to be as reliable as a machine can be. Your funding the *current* regime, committing *current* crimes. The Meprolight night sights are identical to the stock M4 sights, except for the addition of tritium inserts. Let’s call it ingenuity. “The cocking handle is nicely shaped for rapid manipulation.”. Check out my review of both the RM 2 and its smaller sibling, the RM 1, too! This kit comes with a hammer and trigger, as well as the Wolff Gun Springs trigger kit. I am primarily a handgunner who owns a few nice rifles. Except series 180 mini-14, it’s still bad. (basically a Benelli M1 super 90) Without diving too deep into the intricacies of 922R, we’ll just talk about how it affects the Benelli M4. Again, the trigger guard is enlarged compared to the M4. The good news is that most of these upgrades are durable, duty-driven designs that aren’t made in questionable locations and are of dubious quality. But Seriously Folks, please consider spending your dollars someplace that isn’t trying to actively undermine NATO.

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