Use the felt tip marker on any minor scratches you notice. Gear To prevent this, it is very important you potty train your dog and have potty pads or a kennel for when you are away. Dog … The primary downside to bamboo is its cost – it is a pretty pricey dog flooring option. Tile and laminate are the most popular flooring types among pet owners because of their ability to withstand dirty paws, claws, drool, and other pet messes, and because of their ease of cleaning. Vinyl also provides one more benefit: It is a quiet flooring material, which will dampen the sound of your dog’s nails clicking on the floor. Laminate floor usually looks like hardwood, but it's made using a core board covered by a melamine wear layer. Laminate flooring is the best substitute for wood if you want to avoid scuff marks and scratches from your dog claws. I’ve found that SUPERCore really holds up to pet traffic and play better than hardwoods or vinyl, because of its stone core. Make sure you choose an appropriately sized crate. Allow the cleaner at least 24 hours to soak into the wood. Stone tiles are remarkably resilient, and most varieties will stand up to your dog’s claws for years. Hard maple, white oak, and beech are a little more affordable, and they’ll have a reasonable chance of weathering your dog’s claws. Canine Considerations: What Qualities Do You Want in a Pet-Proof Floor? Once your dog goes inside, praise them briefly and give a small treat. They’ll soon resent and refuse the crate instead of enjoying their ‘doggy den’ time.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'petzesty_com-large-leaderboard-2','ezslot_3',107,'0','0'])); Pee on the floor isn’t the only trouble a dog can get into while you’re gone. That’s where the dog spends most of his time resting and sleeping. As your dog ages, they may have incontinence and pee on your laminate by accident. This is all you will need to know about dog urine soaking into hardwood floors and how to tackle the situation. Applying a sealant or other protectant can guard against damage and make your floors easier to clean. Protect Carpet from Dog Urine Non-Stain Urine Guard. A black light emits long wave ultraviolet light and it makes urine glow. You can have the protective guard in place and apply in areas where your pet likes to go to the bathroom. The best floor sealer for pet urine is a stain blocking primer. You may need to refinish the laminate’s surface or replace it because of the acid content in urine. Check out prices and availability here. Laminate floor usually looks like hardwood, but it's made using a core board covered by a melamine wear layer. Use a soft cloth or mop to clean up spills instead of an abrasive sponge or other material that can scratch your flooring. Urine will soak into the particleboard or cement below and cause ongoing odor issues. Your beloved pooch walks around with 16 rock-hard and often sharp claws, which will scrape your floor day and night for the rest of his life. Are you having a conversation? 17. Considering this, how do you get dog urine out of laminate floors? You’ll save money in the long run by using the washable pads. It is easy to wipe up dog urine on a laminate floor. Answer + 2. A high-quality laminate floor is built with a scratch-resistant wear layer. How to protect wood floors from dog urine my pet needs that do pets ruin your hardwood floors mn and wood how to remove urine from hardwood floors northside removing dog urine stains from hardwood floors hometalk. The washable plaid pads look much more attractive than plastic pads, and I appreciate the non-slip treatment because it keeps the pad in place. To clean tile or laminate flooring, first wipe up any remaining urine, then clean the surface using a pet stain & odor remover as directed. After you allow the floor to dry out, seal it with a subfloor sealer. Training new puppies not to pee on laminate floors can be difficult at first. Saw a video that said to use a shellac based primer to laminate surface.... See more. Put down pads to soak up messes. And while vinyl floors aren’t likely to become scratched by your pet’s claws, they rarely retain their high sheen for very long. On the bright side, cleaning laminate floors are easy enough as they hold great against cleaners that are non-abrasive. However, as the material becomes more popular, economies of scale should help bring down the price point significantly. The soft bed and included cover and bowls provided everything I needed to move cross country. To pick a good flooring for dogs (and the general household), you must understand the kinds of things you want to look for when making your choice. Pics of : How To Protect Hardwood Floors From Dog Urine. Laminate flooring is by far the easiest to clean when it comes to pet stains. This can quickly ruin the aesthetics of your carpet and cause your home to smell horrible. Laminate – The coating on these floors will dissolve from messes such as urine, and moisture can make laminate buckle. There are a few fancy carpets and treatment technologies that can help mitigate these problems, but they will offset one of the biggest benefits of carpet: its affordable price. Though a good polyurethane seal on your floors is the best defense against urine stains and surface scuffs, it can't fully protect the wood. A protective seal on your grout can help prevent dirt, grime, mold, and other things from setting in. You Did Not Answer My Question! Laminate flooring can be heavily damaged if urine destroys the outer coating and can become warped from the moisture exposure. While this is unfortunately common, you should always talk to your vet. However, you’ll want to avoid some of the softest and most porous materials (such as marble and slate), as these may suffer from some damage over time. Laminate is protected by a tough external layer of resin coating that makes it scratch resistant, strong and durable. Stone Tile. I installed my laminate flooring in 2006, and it still looks great.” If your laminate floor is highly glossy, you’ll want to clean frequently with a microfiber mop and hot water in a spray or mister bottle. We are compensated for referring traffic and business to Amazon and other companies linked to on this site. You may need to work with your dog on training or put down pads to soak up accidents. If you have any suggestions on topics that you would like us to cover, let us know. She has always had animals in her life and devotes a great deal of time to learning about and caring for them. It needs to be replaced. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to The urine penetrates deep into the wood over time, and this leads to swelling. Protect from Food. It is important to keep vinyl floors relatively dry, as they can mildew or begin lifting if they are allowed to remain wet. Those who have had dog urine for a long time on their hardwood floor can notice the detrimental effect dog urine has, as it eats away at the flooring. Swish your mop in the cleaning bucket and wring out your mop well. It’s all handled in the construction of the product itself. Take deep breaths. Declawing your dog isn’t an option, and while keeping your dogs nails short can help, it won’t completely eliminate scratches that come as a result of life with a dog. October 17, 2019 Though a good polyurethane seal on your floors is the best defense against urine stains and surface scuffs, it can't fully protect the wood. You can find them on Amazon by clicking here. Laminate floors usually look like hardwood floors (although they can also be made to look like stone or other materials), but they are engineered wood products, instead of wooden planks. What Not to Do When Cleaning Dog Pee off Hardwood Floors Leave the urine … Use diluted vinegar to help with this and take the dog out more often. ... READ Monolithic Dome Homes Floor Plans. Laminate floors won’t last quite as long as true hardwoods, but they are still a good long-term flooring solution. Each one has its own pros and cons, so be sure to consider your specific circumstances before making your choice. Laminate does not fade easily when exposed to sunlight unlike wood. You can’t fix it. 8 Best Dog Carrier Purses: Toting Your Dog Around Town. Lay Down Pet-Friendly Flooring. It can occasionally be difficult for dogs – particularly those of advanced age or suffering from hip, joint or leg problems – to get a good grip on super-slippery floors. Remove odors from laminate flooring with white vinegar. Wipe the mop over the smelly laminate flooring, and go back over the floor … Unfortunately, often, when there’s damage under the laminate, the only choice is to replace the flooring. My Linkedin Profile, Why Does My Dog Howl With Me: Decoding Dog Behavior. Before the smell has any time to soak in, or the uric acid can damage any surfaces, soak up the pee. Protecting laminate flooring from dog nails is nothing to worry about. Some stone tiles are quite slick, so you may want to avoid them with older pets, who often have trouble negotiating slippery floors. I dog sat my sisters puppy for a fortnight, he had accidents and I cleaned them but he's been gone for 2 weeks now and I can still smell pee! Ben Team Have you had a particularly bad experience with anything (I could tell you some stories about ruined carpets…)? Let the wood dry out completely. Dogs and Laminate. Has it held up to your dog’s nails? Different types of floors will handle these problems to varying degrees, so it is always important that pet owners think carefully when considering flooring options. Simply watching your dog closely can reduce the likelihood that he'll urinate in the house and cause damage. Do scratches and scuffs stretch between the front door, kitchen and couch? This shouldn’t cause too many problems for your pup, but be mindful of the possibility. Most laminated flooring will cover the entire room, yes, like say a kitchen, and well, no liquid should permeate it.. yes, this means even cat urine. Get tons of great dog training advice and tips about gear! Although some owners may prefer the look of hardwoods, carpet or some other floor treatment, vinyl is a pretty good-looking floor option, which is available in an array of colors and patterns. Enzyme cleaners work by breaking down the ‘stuff’ (biological compounds) in urine that create smells. Give special consideration to the type of pile (which refers to the way in which the threads are attached to the carpet) the carpet features. Get to it ASAP and use enzyme cleaners to break up the biologically active parts of the stain. Don’t procrastinate no matter what time it happens. As long as you pick one of the hardest woods – Brazilian rosewood, Bolivian cherry, and Tigerwood are all good choices – available, this won’t be a big problem, but many of these options are expensive and difficult to find. Many owners also opt for non-toxic materials, especially for dogs that won’t stop licking the carpet. When it gets hot in the house I can smell it. Laminate is not technically waterproof, so it doesn't work very well with standing water -- as it would be the case if Doggie decides to pee on it while you're out and you can't clean it for hours. You can pick some up by clicking right here. Answered. Some carpets and rugs are better for dog households than others, with easier-to-clean carpets being ideal. Your dog is worth the time it takes to teach them how to behave. The warping is caused by swelling in the boards. link to Why Does My Dog Howl With Me: Decoding Dog Behavior, link to Can Dogs Sense Depression: A Surprising Truth, PetSafe Pet Loo Portable Indoor/Outdoor Dog Potty, you need to determine what the problem is, Dogs don’t like to soil their dens, so a crate can help you train them properly, No Scent Crate Kennel & Floor – Safe All Natural Probiotic & Enzyme Formula, You may need to refinish the laminate’s surface. Can you see a dark, circular stain or two on the carpet? When urine gets into the fibers, it can become impossible to remove.eval(ez_write_tag([[300,250],'petzesty_com-large-mobile-banner-1','ezslot_4',109,'0','0'])); Dog pee can undoubtedly cause problems with your laminate flooring. Accidents happen, and that’s why it’s good to know how to clean pet stains on laminate floors.. Meanwhile, the vinegar neutralizes the scent that draws pets back to the spot. Take these steps to protect your laminate flooring from dog pee: Always train dogs to go outside.