Fan Delete Mod I got around to installing the 16" fan (It looks identical to the 16" spal) today including a dedicated power supply for the fan which is triggered by the upper temperature limit of the thermostat switch or via the manual switch I fitted inside the car. SPAL Thermo-Switch Specifications. Install is super easy. Gardez votre sang froid avec le Mishimoto Performance aluminium Fan Shroud Kit! Free Shipping on orders $49 + *exclusions apply. SPAL® offers a variety of high-performan The fan must be mounted on the engine side of the radiator. The SPAL fan operates at a single speed on its own circuit. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for SPAL 30100400 16in Straight Blade Low Profile Fan at the best online prices at eBay! Keep the controller away from high heat sources such as the engine exhaust. Wiring and mounting kits are also available for a complete installation. C The illustration below from Spal shows the clip. DIY - E36 Electric Cooling fan and wiring. They are why your fan went kablooey and took out a bunch of other components in the process. Menu. 0. These electric fans are great options for replacing your existing clutch fan, adding extra flow to a differential cooler, intercooler, and any other heat exchanger. Mount the fan as high up on the core as possible. 28 Posts #41 • Sep 5, 2009. Available with 185° on/165° off or 195° on/175° off. Archived. This unique electric fan shroud setup completely eliminates the stock, failure-prone mechanical fan. $400 Hard motorsports E36 M3 splitter/ Mkah Motorsports chassis mounts Some scratches, but white protective wrap still intact $30 E36 akg RTAB reinforcement plates $100 -16” Spal puller fan with fan gasket, wiring harness and relay. SPAL Fan Mounting Kit - E30 E36 E46. This Condor Speed Shop Fan Mounting Brackets for 16" SPAL Fans (Mfg#SPALM) fits BMW E30, BMW E36, BMW E46., Direct Ship, Ship ETA Jan 6, 2021 100% guarantee. • Auxiliary Fan Delete II Same as above, but this version includes additional components for two (low-high) speed operation. Above the wheel well, on the radiator support, or firewall are good examples of proper locations. Project E36 323is: Keeping The S52 Cool With CSF, Pelican Parts, SPAL and HPS. Brand: ES#: 3981347. Was in my E36 but will fit any other car you just need to wire it. Attach the fan to the small area around the It provides added clearance in front of the engine for easier maintenance, better airflow, and is lighter than the stock fan and shroud. ... M3 E46 E36 / ZX M. 129,00 € Acheter ! The first installed parts were the HPS hoses. SPAL AUTOMOTIVE is a world leader in the design and manufacture of high quality electric fans and blowers for all types of vehicles and equipment. Which the ECU controls and you can have the values modified to suit your needs. • Single Speed Fan Kit This option includes one wiring kit. You can set the denomination in your cart during checkout. I used the Spal basic hookup kit which included all the wiring, prewired relay and a 30 amp fuse and 40 amp fuse with fuse holder. Spal USA makes the best electric fans in the industry. The aux fan subpage will suggest both part numbers. Spal Electric Fans You ... China high sd ac condenser cooling fan replacement for spal cooling fan Ø109 original ventilator cooler radiator va32 china brush 12 volt bus electric motor cooling fan repalcing spal spal pull type curved blade radiator cooling fan. ... E36 6 Cyl. All mounting hardware is included. I bought the Spal 16 inch high performance straight blade fan. BMW E36 S52 Engine Swap – Completed with Oil Cooler and Spal Fan Installation On December 1, 2020 December 2, 2020 By brentfordracing There’s been a lot of parts, time and effort to get the S52 swap to this point but the final stage has finally come! Vente de pièces automobiles de la marque SPAL, ventilateurs soufflants ou aspirants de différents diamètres en vente à petits prix sur votre boutique Oreca-Store. I run the factory temperature thermostat on my racecar, alongside the Spal electric fan. Read our COVID-19 Update . Spal 16" Pusher Electric Fan - 30101517 - E30, E36, E46 SPAL® electric fans and accessories are built to meet the most rigorous cooling requirements needed for … They are high quality and long life. And many more! My fan is wired to a switch so I can control it independently (it'll even run with the motor off, if I want). Posted by 4 years ago. E36 Fan Delete Mod. I had done the FDM prob about a year ago and rigged the aux fan to run all the time. 16" Straight Blade 12Volts. The factory auxiliary fan is retained. Mishimoto Controller Kit pour Spal . E36 Electric Fan Conversion Kit 9 95 READ Harbor Breeze Baja Ceiling Fan Manual. Cools the engine just fine. Control the activation temperature of your fan ! Fan Mounting. This easy to use cooling fan relay kit includes a labeled wiring harness, 40 amp relay, fuse holder and coolant sensor. BMW E36 Add-On Aluminum Radiator Shroud and Expansion Tank Fits BMW E36 1998-99 323is, 1992-95 325i, 1992-95 325is, 1996-98 328i, 1996-99 328is, 1995-99 M3, 1994-95 325i Conv., 1998-99 323i Conv., 1996-99 328i Conv., 1998-1999 M3 Conv. We have been using these for years. Choose your fan size in the drop down. 30130011 - SPAL Fan Mounting Kit - E30 E36 E46. SPAL® fans are durable, reliable, and the choice of many NASCAR teams. 1.800.280.6966 Live Chat. Mfg#: 30130011 Qty: Choose how many gift cards you would like below. These electric fans are great options for replacing your existing clutch fan, adding extra flow to a differential cooler, intercooler, and any other heat exchanger. Retrouvez toute la gamme de produits SPAL I wouldn't bother with an on/off switch, if you set everything up correctly, the fan turns on exactly when it is needed. This allows the front face of the fan to be completely flat, with no interference from screw heads. Cette configuration unique de ventilateur électrique élimine complètement le ventilateur mécanique original. 6. I just installed a 14" Spal fan at 1280 cfm using VAC brackets and a Mishimoto radiator. Free shipping for many products! The fan bolts onto the brackets using the four clips. Shipping 6 Days a Week. BMW E36 325is M50 2.5L Fan - Bracket. Close. Kit includes: Spal 16" low profile pull fan … This is the exact same model we use on our own cars. SPAL Electric FAN. The SPAL electric fan will enable us to remove the old fatigued mechanical fan which is also known as a high failure part on the E36 model. • Two Speed Fan Kit To attach it to the brackets, I purchased Spal’s 30130010 mounting clips. If you have the room however, we recommend a puller fan. \r \r Quick recap of the task:\r - Use the High speed fan wiring / Relay\r - Fan wiring on body, BRN wire is ground, GRN/BLK is high speed\r - Adapt your Spal fan wiring to your stock wire plug\r - Use temp switch 6131136427282 which is 82 degree 2 prong\r Spal USA makes the best electric fans in the industry. Order now! Add our stainless steel Spal fan mounts for a complete solution. There's also PWM kits from SPAL, so you can have a variation in fan speed based on temperature. has them for $104. Spal Puller 16" Electric Fan - 30101516- E30, E36, E46 SPAL® electric fans and accessories are built to meet the most rigorous cooling requirements needed for today's high-performance automotive applications. Track/Race use *3010 2120. This Spal 16" fan is the typical fan we recommend and use ourselves on our Spec E46 race cars. Select Your BMW Select your BMW/MINI. Even the BMW ETK/Realoem cannot tell you which auxiliary fan you have. Unfortunately the SPAL relay and fan speeds are not compatible with E46 OEM temperature sensor or the fan control signal coming from the DME.. E36 Electric Fan Conversion Kit 9 95 Fan Control Spal Electric Fan Wiring Harness Kits 185fh ... Spal cooling fan sensors 3 8 npt spal usa wiring harness with 195 deg thermoswitch and relay spal cooling fan sensors 3 8 npt spal 3 8 npt thread temperature sensor for old style nuova. Fan wiring harness with relay and fuse holder Fan thermostat, 185 degrees / 195 degrees Installing the fan: When installing electric cooling fans, it is important to cover as much surface area as possible. The SPAL FAN-PWM is water resistant and can be mounted in the engine bay or inside the vehicle. Installed in the Henna, MissBlue and many more cars. Tested these in E28, E21, E30, E36, E46 (M models as well). The kit is comprised of proven, high value components to keep your engine cool and happy without the need of the standard, engine driven fan. Wish List My Account Sign In. Works great with the Spal Pulse-Width Fan Controller. I also figured out that tapping into the actual coolant temperature sensor only works on E36 because they have two speed fans. SPAL thermo-switches are compatible with all 12V electric fans, and bolt into place (M14x1.5 or M22x1.5) on your cooling system. Cancel. Posted on July 7, 2016 February 24, 2020; by NicholasBetz, We used SPAL’s included push through mounting rods to mount the fan to our CSF radiator. Hey Guys! just wanted to write up a quick DIY on when you upgrade your 16" Spal fan to your oem auxiliary fan controller box which is a variable rate controller vs temp. This is the Bosch style resistor (PN 17401373177): This is the Magna style resistor now made by Siemens (PN 64121388069): Wiring and mounting kits are also available for a complete installation. They are cheap and easy to replace. Spal Axiallüfter kaufen 12V & 24V DC 405mm bis 96mm Offizieller Spal Vertrieb in Deutschland jahrlanger Erfahrung Hier informieren & kaufen Add stainless steel brackets for mounting a SPAL fan to an OEM or aftermarket BMW radiator. Includes 1 mounting strap/bracket to securely mount your SPAL fan. We have assembled a complete electric fan conversion kit to make installation a breeze for E36 3 Series cars. Fan Mounting Bracket. Hence, we went with a pusher fan. The fan I used is the 12” Spal 30102029 pusher. Founded in Correggio, Italy in 1959, SPAL specializes in airflow cooling systems designs. Keep your BMW E36 cool with the Mishimoto Performance Fan Shroud Kit! Had it in my car but no longer needed. We're Open & Here For You. The best fan for 24V swaps or for getting rid of the OEM clutch fan in your E30, E34 or E36. We actually put these on before we did the engine build, way before.