En espérant vous revoir et vous servir bientôt nous vous souhaitons une belle journée. I had a hard time keeping all the cure on the beef and the rub I probably had half to a third left. Halved every ingredients and worked beautifully. Montreal smoked meat is cured, then smoked, then steamed. plus, “Viande fumée (smoke meat ) sous vide comme chez l'épicier du quartier”. This is a dry cure. Thanks for the recipe! Sous Vide Smoked Beef Brisket — Modernist BBQ. I also recommend steaming the rye bread before building the sandwiches. I have never even seen one over 15 lbs. I was an easy sell being from Montréal, but I also managed to get thumbs up from my (German) family members as well as a neighbor I invited to sample. It gets a bit messy. Or flip? Really hard. I have tried many recipes found online from food bloggers to celebrity grill chefs. Type de viande: Maigre, Médium, Gras. Great site! It’s 6.25% sodium nitrite in salt. So for thanks giving this year I am going to stray away from the deep frier and I want to due a combo of sous vide and smoking. Never tried an electric smoker. I have all the equipment for projects like this but I had a question. Today we will be enjoying the leftovers after another steam session to warm it up. You are very welcome. Réfrigérer de nouveau la poitrine enrobée de papier d’aluminium 4 heures pour faire figer les gras à l’intérieur. Some recipes call for steaming like yours, other suggest steaming it in the oven over a roasting pan with a few inches of water until the meat reaches a certain temperature. It’s 4 oz of coriander seed for the cure and 3 oz of coriander for the rub. You really need a 3 day weekend to make it work. I’m reposting this message because it seems to have disappeared (but please delete it if you see it twice on your end. I’ve done Texas style brisket (whole packer) using a digiQ on a big green egg (so I know the temp was right). I haven’t tried it the oven way so I really don’t know I am afraid. Since I cannot travel to Montreal to get my fix I’m really excited! This is a true Canadian masterpiece. I will be doing this again. I assume people are cutting their briskets up into manageable sizes. Could you please elaborate a bit more on this step? My first thought was steam on stovetop but you mentioned it’s smelly and my wife will not appreciate the house smelling like a the inside of my smoker😝. I’ve added a target of somewhere around 155-165F for the smoke in the post. Mar 12, 2016 #1 bigmikey14 Smoke Blower. Thread in 'Beef' Thread starter Started by bigmikey14, Start date Mar 12, 2016; 1; 2; Next. I would miss my smoked meat and poutine too! La serveuse qui donne les repas au client ramasse les frites sur le comptoir réchaud pour les remettre dans le récipient à frites chaudes. I dialed back the heat and smoked for the full 8 hrs. Au moment de servir, déposer les sacs sous vide dans l’eau bouillante environ 4 … Just did this last weekend. I soaked for 3 hours with 6 water changes but the salt content is high You want it to dry out a bit at this point so allow for some airflow. Then all you need to do is slice it thin across the grain. I buy a whole brisket (16lbs), cut the flat off which fits perfectly in a x-large Ziploc freezer bag and coincidently fits perfectly on a Bradley rack. My brother and his family heading over tomorrow as well to enjoy what I hope to be an epic sandwich. Or you could try calling up a local European deli to see if they would sell you some Prague powder? Wow. Maybe you could cut down the cure to 5-6 days if you want to go smaller. Outstanding,,. when I make this, I ask the butcher to cut my brisket in two (flat/point). Nice! Where does one find pink salt cure? Works great. A slight difference because of the Hickory I think, but my god, I will never by that Dunns stuff at Costco again! Vous pouvez aussi acheter une poitrine de bœuf entière et la faire cuire lentement à l’étuvée. Zoomez pour voir les informations mises à jour. Member; Posts: 765; Re: Montreal Smoked Meat « Reply #44 on: January 06, 2015, … I’m considering getting a MasterBuilt or Bradley digital smoker and just curious if they are good for smoked meat and this recipe in general. I’m so happy you posted this along with the amazing tips and comments following! Yes, the meat is tough before smoking because it hasn’t been pushed to the magic internal temperature that makes BBQ what it is. Just trying to give it some good smoky flavour and a nice bark. Outside is better. No smoker is trickier. Oh…I would be steaming in a COVERED roasting pan in the oven, not trying to simulate a steam oven. You may need to separate the brisket into the flat and the point to fit it onto the smoker. You could try reaching out to a local European deli that makes their own sausage to see if they would be willing to sell you some. I cut brisket in half and am just in the rinse stage and found out my company was delayed by a day and there coming Monday rather than Sunday. Steaming tonight. I appreciate the importance of letting the meat rest. Now to try and find a brisket during covid! I tried your recipe a couple of months ago – it turned out Amazing!). Maybe I should have separated the flat and made it thinner. I do recommend using a deli slicer if you have one available. Fast and easy. Don’t worry. You can’t get decent smoked meat outside of Montreal if you don’t make it yourself. The cure and the rub. The next day I will remove it from the bag, leave as much moisture on the meat as possible, add a little more season to the meat, and then smoke it back up to the Internal temperature it was sous vide to the day earlier. I thawed it in the fridge and re-steamed it just to warm it through. Thanks again! Prenez le contrôle de votre page pour répondre gratuitement aux avis, mettre à jour votre page et bien plus encore. This seems like an awful lot of coriander…..is it really a half pound or is this 8 fluid oz…measured in a measuring cup? Just figured out a good way to make it at home. This step it to dry it out a bit before it hits the smoker so I’ve always gone the full day. I will freeze the brisket but don’t know what is the best point to freeze; after the smoking and do the steaming before I serve, or should I steam it now, freeze it and carefully thaw and re-steam before serving? As hard as it is to believe I can’t eat an infinite amount of MSM:-). Makes perfect sense. I have a friend that lives under a kilometre from Schwartz and he says this is better so I don’t think you will be disappointed. So excited to have the ability to make my own Montreal smoked meat. Put my 12.5 lb brisket in the smoker at 225f as noted in the recipe, and has been there for 6 hours reaching an internal high of 186f. I’ve never tried this so please nobody take this as anything but my musing on the question. This can take up to an hour. I just wrap in a couple of plastic grocery bags on a sheet pan. Trim the brisket, removing pockets of hard fat and trim the fat cap (or just don't) to no less than 3/8 inch. I was unable to find a whole brisket so I settled on a large 9 pound flat. Typically they are sold with a large, relatively cheap pot and whole thing can be used to deep fry a turkey. Any thoughts. Nice! But it works. Like any cold cut really. I came up with it to get my fix. Pastrami is made with the navel. Lorsque vous être prêt a servir déposé les sac sous vide dans l’eau bouillante environ 4 à 6 minutes. As a rule I don’t guess on glebekitchen. It's as tender as butter and so succulent, I found myself licking my fingers in public. I grew up having Montreal smoked meat as an annual treat by our relatives who lived there. Thank you so much! Hi, Aaron here…I have a 14lbs brisket water soaking as we speak. Steam it right after smoking it. PASTRAMI / SMOKED MEAT « Regular » Entier: Viande de Boeuf dans la basse cote et poitrine, saumurée, enrobée avec des épices et fumée.Un mélange de Lean , Medium or Fat pour satisfaire tout le monde. Better than Schwartz and Sumilicious (opened in Scarborough by guy who worked for 17 yrs at Schwartz.). It worked out amazingly! Even in Ottawa it isn’t any good and that’s only 200km away. of meat. Well, I just finished your recipe, however I scaled it down to a 5 lb double-cut brisket (a single hunk of the flat and point). I want to get this right as I have many interested in swinging by to grab a sandwich. Thanks. Just buy a chargriller kamado off amazon. It took nearly three and a half hours to get to around 200F and be perfectly probe tender in all sections. I’m now on day 6 of curing, looking forward to smoking this weekend. Thanks, I’ve never tried it so no guarantees but I think it will work. Thanks for pointing this out. Until you get to the jiggly probe tender stage it just isn’t good…. I just use a couple plastic grocery bags – one from either end. Montreal smoked meat is finished in a steamer. You want to use all of it because you have included your curing salt in the mix and you need all of that. The rub has no salt (it will be plenty salty enough at this point). The sous vide is post cure and soak and goes for 30 hours at 155. Mello Foods USA Inc. Montreal Smoked Meat Mello Foods, Manufacturers of Fine Smoked Meats and Delicatessen Products Quality, Consistency, Cooperation and Service are the cornerstones of Mello Foods’ corporate philosophy. What difference would it make if I make a wet brime for this recipe? Resto style cafétéria attente en ligne à des prix hors du commun , pour une nourriture ordinaire semblable aux cafétérias communautaires ne vaut pas le détour. I was able to find me some Prague Powder #1 and kept it’s amount to the suggested amount on its packaging, which was in-line with the recipe here, and in my case it was 1 tsp per 5 lb. Bonjour 71Philippe43, nous sommes désolés pour votre expérience négative lors de votre visite parmi nous à notre point se service l'Instant. 1 brisket, 6-8 pounds. I have a buddy who lives on the Main in Montreal who tells me this way is as good or better than Schwartz. Can I cure this for longer than. Vous possédez ou gérez cet établissement ? Only in Montreal and your backyard…. Sorry. So 8oz would be 2 cups? Yes, I find it goes fast too. You could scale back the size of brisket some. Maybe note on the recipe that spices are by weight rather than volume. Bookmarked and will definitely do again. Ordered my pink salt from Amazon (do not use Himalayan Pink Salt). I used an electric turkey frier to steam. To give the meat a chance to rest. I hear Smoked Petes is the new king in Montreal. Hi Romain, thanks so much for this recipe. The ultimate slow food. 1 of 2 Go to page. The recipe doesn’t say anything about wet and I’ve added a note saying not to do a wet brine based on this. Smoked meat sous vide (1/2 lbs) $ 7.98. Thanks for putting this together. 22 févr. Love oak in my stick burner as well! Serve a mix of the flat and the point in each sandwich. I left it in the fridge overnight, cut the brisket in half and steamed the point to 195. Thanks. Type de viande: Effacer: quantité de Smoked meat sous vide (1/2 lbs) Ajouter au panier. Glad to hear you will never have to eat that pseudo pre-fab stuff again! Definitely as good as (or better than) any other place in Montreal. La qualité et le goût sont sans pareil. Saw your recipe and I’m halfway through the smoke as I type this. Plan for this step. It’s like underdone brisket or pulled pork. I used to live in Montreal during the 50’and 60’s! Great Job man! That’s music to my ears! Two briskets. I would guess the 12 lb one will be fine. It’s really to keep it from touching other things in the fridge and to keep your hands relatively clean when you flip it. Whats the potential harm? I vacuumed sealed the rest in sandwich-sized portions. I have done (tried+) many and I am an avid stick burner. I once cryovaced and froze a chunk of smoked meat from Schwartz’s (so after it was steamed). I have absolutely no idea. https://www.sousvidemagazine.com/recipes/meat/sous-vide-smoked-brisket This is a joke, right? Wrap the brisket in plastic bags and place on a large cookie sheet. But there’s this point where BBQ brisket just jiggles when you poke it. Magic. Nous informerons le Service de Restauration de votre préférence pour le plat de penne bolognaise ainsi que pour le gâteau au fromage. Going to try this. After 8-9 hours remove the brisket from the smoker, let cool slightly and refrigerate overnight. Et les promotions de menus ne sont plus respectées à la caisse... Un peu le bazar ... Mais ce n'est pas mauvais..ce n'est pas bon non plus, c'est très copieux ... Un peu la mode américaine au canada... Bonjour 444frederic, merci de votre appréciation et du commentaire, le tout sera transmis au Service de la Restauration. Cook brined ribs in water at 149 °F / 65 °C for 48 hours. What are you referencing for your brine and rub and how close to tradition do you think it is? Or there’s Amazon of course. I’m guessing it will be OK for the cure but the proportions of ingredients matter so no guarantees. What do you think? Search for Prague powder. For the smoking phase, do you spray the brisket to keep it moist? I smoked it for 8 hours on kamado at 225 with maple wood chunks. Having moved to the US, I long craved the fatty richness of Montreal smoked meat. You would need to do some googling to figure out the conversion as I understand it’s not just linear and I have never tried it myself. I have 2 questions. Looking to try some of your Thai recipes next. Took about 4 hours or to steam. The Superstore ha AAA briskit on sale this week for 3.98lb. You will have to adjust the steaming time I expect so be careful. I’m trying your recipe right now and can’t wait. I use a turkey fryer with an inverted strainer and about 3 inches of water to steam my smoked meat. Third time so far. Shocked cold in ice water for 10 minutes while the vortex was getting ready. I assume people are cutting their briskets up into manageable sizes. I tend to do fat side up but I’m pretty sure it makes very little difference. I’ll definitely write back with results. It’s always a good idea to let the meat rest. Tried this as well last week, and the result was amazing. I’m three days into the cure now. (Ps. I split my packer so I could fit in the fridge better, it also made steaming easier. Would it be advisable to cure for a day or two longer? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. In any case I think you’ll be OK. Just make sure it doesn’t go above 195-200F when you steam it. ... You can never duplicate real Montreal smoked meat but I think this recipe comes close, very tasty. This Recipe was amazing. Then I saw the first post that internal should be 155-165f is this correct??? It’s coming out of the smoker hot. Still have to get to Luling though. On the ninth day smoke the brisket for 8-9 hours at 225-250F with maple if you have it. On the 8TH day after the water bath and dry brisket, does it go back into a bag or just the way it is into the fridge, before the 9th day for the smoking, how long in the fridge is 8 hours sufficient, It can go back into clean bags certainly. I’m in Edmonton, so no problem finding curing supplies out here. I’m not even sure you could get enough steam in an oven even if you wanted to. I followed the recipe to the letter with a couple exceptions: 1) I basically divided the original recipe by 3 and that was pretty much it. I was wondering why you refrigerate the brisket for 12 hours after smoking? Many have come close to being perfect, but each has had its shortcomings. Across the street at the Main as well (I like the latkes there). I’m most familiar with Montreal steak spice and its evolution from Schwartz’s and look to this blend as providing some guidance. When should I delay a day? I found the spices very generous, so you can probably cut back 25-30% with no problem (you can always grind a bit more if needed, but I doubt you will). Hi, I’m on my way to cure my brisket. https://www.amazon.ca/TextureStar-Prague-Powder-Pink-Curing/dp/B071XDPY8G. Great recipe nd must be foolproof as I turned heads when I served it! Genius!!! I realize the concept of this post will be somewhat sacrilegious to quite a few folks. Good luck. Used Oak also did a Pork shoulder same time. A half recipe was more than sufficient. Serving it warm makes the saltiness more apparent of course. You are my MSM guru!! Came out so good. Any thoughts on temperature to use? What are your thoughts on going from the smoker and into the steam phase without cooling over nite? I’m in Ottawa and get to Montreal fairly often as well…. • Pointe de poitrine de bœuf fumée entièrement cuite • Emballé sous vide pour une plus grande fraîcheur • Emballé avec précision à un poids de 500 grammes (4 sachets) Previous Next. Pastrami just doesn’t come close. Do you know if this is equivalant to Prague powder or pink. The meat is cooked sous vide for 48 hours before being char-grilled, then finished with a sumptuous, silky red wine glaze. Those scary things everyone is always worried about. And so can you. L'instant Deli Et Pates: Viande fumée (smoke meat ) sous vide comme chez l'épicier du quartier - consultez 17 avis de voyageurs, 5 photos, les meilleures offres et comparez les prix pour Montréal, Canada sur Tripadvisor. Cet avis est l'opinion subjective d'un membre de TripAdvisor et non de TripAdvisor LLC. I imagine pink salt would not be much different. Les plats sont indiqués, les promotions aussi. Use the point the day I start the cure, also on the Bradley. 3) The final Pepper and Coriander rub. It’s probably OK though…, Thank you I will give it the full day before going to the smoker It’s impossible to get prague powder #1 in Ottawa what is a good substitute or keep trying to get it from Amazon. And pile it high on good rye bread. Maybe 8 hours in a 275 F oven followed by the steam. When you can probe with a carving fork and it gives it’s done. As an ex-Montrealer now living in Ottawa I am craving my first try at smoking a brisket for MSM. I do not think you will be disappointed…. No doubt about that. Just threw it on the bbq for 9 hour smoke. I love sandwiches. A l'achat d'un muffin, on compte les confitures et beurres d'arachides sur le bout des doigts pour ne pas en donner un de plus... Bonjour Claudette G, merci pour votre appréciation et votre commentaire, ne prenons le tout en considération et votre commentaire sera transmis au Service de la Restauration. At the end of the smoke you should have been somewhere around 160-170 so not yet tender. Next Last. My pellet smoker can handle the whole thing in one piece, but I was wondering if it would be better to split the point from the flat for curing? Situé au 5 étage du Casino de Montréal ce restaurant n’est pas à la hauteur de l’immeuble qui l’abrite La trilogie de pattes est décevante en terme de qualité de pattes et son prix de 18$ TTC est trop cher.....Trop de quantité et il faudrait mieux travailler la qualité et proposer du fromage en plus ....on est en formule self service avec un plateau et des couverts en plastique ! Thank you, thank you, thank you! with the final internal temp hitting 168 F. It’s now in the fridge before steaming tomorrow a.m. Looks amazing so far! You are going for the brisket probe test in the end. Why cracked pepper and coriander rather than Powder or ground? Just about any Montreal smoked meat is better than none! As COVID-19 prevented us from our yearly summer trip to Montréal, I had to do something to satisfy that craving. Sr. Was just happy I managed to find all the ingredients, from the meat to the spices. If the point is a whole lot thicker then it might be a good idea to split them so you can pull the flat before the point to even out the smoking phase. I’m super curious to hear what you figure out. But it’s hard to nail. If you were to freeze portions of the brisket, would you do it once it’s fully done (ie after it’s steamed and all) or would you freeze it after it smoked?